Aug 9, 2011

Daybook August 9, 2011

Some of the blogs I read use this format for journaling.  I thought I'd give it a try.

Outside My Window...
        It's a cloudy day, and looks like it may rain.  We need the rain.  The grass is getting brown.  I hope the heat and humidity break soon.

I am Listening To:
       Kayla and William playing in the other room.  After a rocky start, they are getting along for the moment.  I'm not sure what they are playing, but I hear the words "fire" and "explosion" every now and then.
       The dryer is fluffing up a load, and soon the washing machine will be humming.  Even before I thought this would be a rainy day I had planned on it being an indoor kind of day to get things done around the house.

I am Wearing:
       Blue capri sweats and a white t-shirt.  No makeup. I just washed my face and put lotion on this morning.  I'm cleaning today, so I didn't see the point of putting on makeup.

I am so Grateful for:
      * Sleeping in!  Now that swim team is over, we are enjoying sleeping later in the morning.  William is usually the first up, and often comes up and starts asking me questions about our day, or making requests- before I even open my eyes.  I feel annoyed about getting woken up this way, until I look at the clock and realize it is 8AM and I actually got to sleep in.  Today Ryan slept until almost 10AM.
     *Air conditioning and swimming pools- the only way to beat the heat and humidity in Northern VA.
     *Catching up with friends.  Yesterday I had a nice long phone conversation with my good friend, Sara Ham, who is in England.  Talking with her always lifts my spirits.  I am looking forward to the day we can share a cup of tea and some chocolate and talk in person while our children play together.
I also had the chance to visit with a neighbor who has a daughter Kayla's age.  They invited us to their pool.  We don't see each other often because our girls go to different schools and are involved in different activities.  It's nice to have a friendship that can pick up where it left off and the girls reconnected like they hadn't missed a beat. 

I'm Pondering:
      last week's Gospel reading of Peter walking on the water to Jesus and being distracted by the storm.  The phrase "Jesus reached out and caught Peter." hit me.  I had always pictured Peter only taking a few steps before he became fearful and took his eyes of Jesus and began to sink in the water.  However, if it says Jesus reached out and caught Peter, it means that Peter was only an arms length away from Peter.  He was so close to reaching Jesus!  Why did he let the fear overcome him when he was only a few steps away?  I'm pondering what this means to my walk of faith.  How often in prayer I am conversing with Jesus, and allow something to distract me.  I wonder what grace or revelation I missed by allowing fear and distraction to enter my life.  We must keep our eyes on Jesus.  I am so grateful for the times Jesus has reached out to keep me from drowning.

I am Thinking:
     about what life will be like when all three children are in school.  I'm am both looking forward to it, and a little sad that summer is almost over.  It seems like one moment I am ready for the peace and quiet the school year will bring, and the next moment I want to savor all the time I have with each of my children.  I enjoy being with my children, it is all the other stuff that distracts me from spending quality time with them that stresses me out.  I really want to focus on organizing and simplifying my household and life so that I can enjoy the time I will have with them before and after school this year.

One of my favorite things:
      my children's smile and laughter.  William has his friend, Joseph, over this morning.  I love listening to their imaginative play and the way they enjoy each other's company.  Yesterday it was special to see the way Kayla reunited with her friend Kiara. She was in her element sharing her love of swimming with a friend who also loves the water.  They made up a game where they were color changing fairies that changed color depending on what mood they were in or activity they were doing.
     Ryan spent the afternoon making a Transformers out of his Legos.  He designed and built Optimus Prime himself.  I love his creativity and the pride he gets when what he imagines in his head becomes reality in his lego creation.

 I am hoping and praying:
     * for Nick, who may have to cut our vacation to the farm short in order to travel for work. He is feeling the pull between his desire to be present to his family and his work responsibilities.  I am trying to be as supportive as I can, but am really disappointed at the idea of a shorter vacation and having to be a single mom the first week of school.
    *for my Mom's back. Lord, please ease her pain and heal her.
    *for my friend, Monica,- for her health, peace, and comfort in grieving the loss of her husband.
    *for all the youth traveling for World Youth Day
    * for all the college students who are heading back to school, especially for my nieces, Amber and Shelby, who are starting college this Fall.
    * for healing for those who were hurt by the recent scandals in the Church.
    *for the military and all military families who sacrifice so much.
    *for our Country. God Bless America- we need all the help we can get right now!
    *for all those who have asked for my prayers or are in need of prayers.

I am Reading:
    * Just finished The Locket  by Richard Paul Evans for Book Club.  It was nice to read an uplifiting story.
     *The Help.  This book has been highly recommended by many people.  I am reading it in hopes of seeing the movie.  I love the book so far.  However, I am beginning to crave grits, bacon, fried eggs, biscuits, peach cobbler, and other Southern Comfort food.

Around the House: 
     Laundry needs to get done.  School supplies are bought, but need to be labeled.  My desk needs some serious attention.  I really have to get a handle on the paper clutter.  The house is a mess, but the kids are playing happily . I just remind them from time to time to clean something up before they get anything new out.  Creativity and messiness seem to go hand in hand. It's a price I'm willing to pay.


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