Oct 28, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. The kids were off of school today.  I took them to Ticonderoga Farms in South Riding, VA.  We love this place because it has so many fun things to do, and is not as crowded as Cox Farm.  The kids and I both enjoyed sliding down the slides, going on a hay ride, picking a pumpkin from a real pumpkin patch, roasting marshmallows over a fire pit, chasing chickens. petting a kid goat, and just having lots of fun together.

2. I'm glad we got outside today because it looks like tomorrow will be rainy and we may possibly get some snow!  Snow in October.  How crazy is that? 

3. My foot is still bothering me.  I came home from Ticoderoga Farm and had to sit with my foot up and iced for a while before I could even think about getting dinner.  The fun we had was worth the pain.  I am going to a Podiatrist next week to see what he recommends I do to treat this plantar facitiis that will not go away.  I'm offering up my pain, so if you have an intention you need prayers for let me know.

4. Proud Mommy Moment : This evening Ryan put away the leftovers without being asked.  He also unloaded the dishwasher for his sister.  When I complimented him for his charity, he told me he did it just to be nice and not to brag or get a reward. 

5. I  was out for 3 nights in a row this week.  Granted one of them was to the Doctor's office, but still I can't remember  the last time when I've been out that many nights in a row.  Nick was a trooper putting the kids to bed each night.  It's pretty sad when going to an evening Doctor's appointment is viewed as a "night out."  I was kind of disappointed when the nurse called  my name right away because I was looking forward to having some time to read my book!

6. I hate Halloween.  I loved it as a kid, but hate the way that it has been secularized into something that glorifies evil and makes it O.K. for people to scare or gross each other out.  I know it can be viewed as a way to laugh at the fear of death, but people have taken it to be about gore and fear which I don't like.  We don't allow our kids to dress in costumes that would glorify or represent evil.  I don't mind if the kids pick secular costumes, as long as they are age appropriate.  This year Ryan is going to be Peter from the Narnia series, Kayla is going to be a Spanish Queen, and William is going to be a Police Officer.  About the only thing I like about Halloween is the potential for more chocolate!

7. I guess there is  one way Halloween has redeemed itself this year.    We got "Boo'd " the other night.  We found a plastic pumpkin with treats and a note attached.  I put the sign up in our window to let people know we've been "Boo'd" .  The kids got excited about the idea of "Booing" some of our neighbor friends.  I picked up some treats at Target and the Dollar store and Kayla helped me sneak out at 10:30pm last night to "Boo" 2 of our friends in the neighborhood.  It was fun to see the childrens' delight in receiving treats, and their excitement over sharing with others.  I thought I knew who had "Boo'd us because a friend messaged me  to check if we celebrate Halloween and if we've been Boo'd.  I sent a message back that we do celebrate Halloween and that we had not been "Boo'd". When we got the treats that night I messaged my friend a thank you note the next day.  She messaged me back yesterday to say it wasn't her that "Boo'd" us, she was planning on doing it another night.  We were "Boo'd again tonight."   So, we are feeling pretty loved. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! 

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