Jun 9, 2012

You Can Tell Summer is Almost Here When....

1.  Your child comes home from school and talks about the movies he or she watched in class today instead of the test they took.

2.  Swim Team practice starts so you start washing your child's bathing suits as much as often as you wash their P.E. uniform for school.

3. There such an overlap between the "end of the year" activities and the summer activites that you find yourself needing to be in two activites across the county from each other at the same time.

4. Your grocery bill gets larger because you suddenly realize your children won't be able to go to the cafeteria for lunch  and they'll still need to eat breakfast and dinner too.

5. It is getting increasingly difficult to put your youngest to bed on time when it is so bright and beautiful outside.

6. When you are both thrilled and overwhelmed at the idea that your children will not be in school all day.

7. Applying sunscreen and bugspray becomes part of your daily routine. 

8. Your main source of exercise becomes chasing down your child to spray them with sunscreen or bugspray. 

9. Confirmations, graduation, and teacher/ coach gifts to buy.

10.  Your recycle bin becomes overloaded with the school papers your child brings home after finally cleaning his or her desk/locker.  And you have to find creative ways to discard some papers so as to not hurt your child's feelings that you threw away a project or test they worked on in school.

11. You dream of lazy summer days and then panic that your child will be bored and have nothing to do.  Or you want to sign them up for camps and activities only to worry that they will be overscheduled.

12. The pool hours are listed on the calendar instead of school holidays. 

Hark the Herald Angels Shout.  Alleluia School is almost out!

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