Nov 30, 2011


This is a  clip from Bugs Bunny.  The other day after hearing Kayla and William interacting, I realized how this clip demonstrates  classic sibling rivalry.  Watch this clip with this in mind: Daffy is the older child,  and bugs bunny is the younger sibling who is perseved by the older child to get all the attention.  Classic. 

Yesterday Kayla and William were playing (dancing along) nicely, when suddenly Kayla announced she had more play money than William. She could therefore "buy"more things than William.  William was quite indignant.  Nick tried to reassure William, telling him WE HAVE NO PLAY MONEY, and the money was just imaginary, but that didn't register in William's brain.

My children, like most, often play together nicely until one feels like they need to have the upper hand (and get all the applause).  We try to treat our children as individuals and celebrate what makes them unique.  However, lately it seems whenever we compliment one it just makes the other two jealous and act out against the child who is getting attention.  I think everyone is feeling a little insecure with all the illness and injuries our family has suffered recently.  I pray each day that my children will know and feel how much they are loved so that they can love others. 

How do you deal with sibling rivalry?

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