Dec 12, 2011

Daybook: December 12, 2011

Outside my Window:
      It is a beautful sunny day and it is slowly warming up.  It was 25 degrees with frost on the ground when I took the kids to school.  Now it is sunny and 41 degrees.   I hear it may get up toward 60 sometime this week.  I actually want it to be cold, so it can snow!

I am Listening to:
    I've been enjoying Christmas stations on Pandora.  I've found that I work best to music.  I feel motivated and tend to stay on task better when I have music playing in the background.  Some of my favorite Christmas Stations are: The Chieftans, Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald, Michael Card, Toby Mac, and Amy Grant.

I am grateful for:
     *My Target Red Card which saves me 5 percent each time I shop, and also the fact that stores are open early this time of year so I can get my shopping in early in the day. 
     *Being Catholic, and the liturgical year.   I am so grateful that we live in a country where we can celebrate the true reason for the season.

I am pondering:
    * The difference between watching and waiting.  Waiting seems more passive than watching.  I'm trying to do more "watching" this Advent season- looking and watching for ways that Christ shows his love to me, and for ways to share His love with others.  I'm "watching" my words, and what I eat (although sometimes that involves just watching the sweets go into my mouth), and watching for sales on gifts I need to buy, watching for ways to serve my family, and watching for ways to catch a nap now and then!

I am thinking:
  * I really need to use the menu planner book my friend, Sara Ham, made me for Christmas.  I also need to do better about sticking to my list when I go shopping. 
* I'm also trying to come up with ideas of things to do with the kids during Christmas break.  I don't want to overschedule them because we all need time to just relax. 
 I'm hoping we can:
        * make a gingerbread house together (I bought a kit last year and never used it)
        * go ice skating
        * see the Muppet Movie
        *organize and play legos
        *snuggle and read lots of books together
        * go swimming at Cub Run
 Does anyone have any fun ideas?

I am hoping and praying:
 *For Nick as he gets ready to travel for work again.  He is only going for a few days, but this time of year it feels like he'll be gone for eternity!
*For all those suffering physically and emotionally this year.
*For teachers who have to deal with students who are struck with "Christmas Brain" (the students can't think of anything except Christmas).
*For snow!
*For wisdom in dealing with a particular issue with one of my children.
*For patience and understanding when the kids get hyper this time of year.
*That my foot pain and sinus infection will go away!

I am reading:
Shania Twain's autobiography.  It is O.K., but would love some book recommendations. I love historical fiction, biographies, and realistic fiction. I'm looking for something poignant and uplifiting, but not sappy.

Around the house:
The toy clean up/clean out has begun and the donation truck comes on Wednesday.  I need to clean out some closets and my fridge.  The decorations are slowly going up, which is what we do every year to help us live Advent Season.
We are really enjoying the icicle lights we put up this year.  They make our house and front porch look so cozy at night.

Some pictures worth sharing:

 We invited some girls over to bake cookies to put in the Christmas Baskets that St. Vincent de Paul gives out each year.  So messy, but so much fun!

William's letter to Santa he wrote at school.  He wants a stuffed cat and dog so he can play Vet and Animals with his sister.

     Ryan is enjoying playing on the St. Timothy's Basketball team. He's number 15. 

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