Apr 11, 2012

Easter Tuesday- A Shrine and a Grotto

We spent the night in Emmitsburg, Maryland. The hotel had a heated indoor pool which we enjoyed Monday afternoon. We went out to eat at a Family Restaurant and then settled in for the night after watching some TV.  Silly me thought that booking a room at the Sleep Inn meant we'd actually get to "sleep in".  The kids were up by 7AM , so we took our time eating breakfast, packing up, and checking out of the hotel.  We drove into downtown Emmitsburg to the Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  The Visitor Center there didn't open until 10AM so we walked around the ground a bit.  At 10AM we went into the Visitor Center where they had a museum.  We learned a lot about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and after watching a introductory video a docent took us on a guided tour.  We saw the houses where St. Elizabeth Ann Seton lived with her chidren, the Daughters of Charity, and her students.  We saw the cemetery where her daughters were buried and where St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was first buried.  After she was declared a Saint her remains were bought into the Bascilica there. 
The tour ended at the Bascilica, which is absolutely beautiful.  The pictures do not do it justice.  The Bascilica was orginally built as a chapel for the Daughters of Charity, but was declared a Minor Bascilica by one of the Popes.  There are many Mosaics and a few side altars, one of which holds the remains of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  The Mary Altar  was also where the Blessed Sacrament was that day.  We spent some time in prayer and reflection before leaving. 
Along the Cemetary walls were the Stations of the Cross, ending in the Crucifixion. There are steps leading up to a platform so one can get fairly close to the Cross. 
Inside the Basilica
Our Blessed Mother.  The lighted red candle means the Blessed Sacrament was in this tabernacle.
St. Joseph

This is where St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's remains now rest.  (inside the altar).

A relic of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton that was available to venerate.  I'm not sure if it was blood or a piece of bone.
This was in a room outside the Sanctuary of the Basilica.  Christ taking the cup of Suffering.  The walls are a Mosaic of the Garden, and had the Apostles asleep beside a tree.  So moving.

After leaving the Basilica we drove to the Grotto of Lourdes.  We filled up our water bottles with the Spring Water, rested and prayed before heading home.  Our Spirits were renewed on this trip. 
Happy Easter!

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