May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.   Today was Field Day at school.  The kids were so excited, they got up and dressed right away this morning.  I even have a picture to prove it. They are not always this cheerful in the morning, so I had to take a picture to honor the moment.

2.  I am finishing my first full week of treatment for Lyme Disease.   After suffering from adrenal fatigue, joint pain, and chronic vitamin D deficiency for the past 2 years,  I finally went to a specialist.  Several friends have been to this Doctor and have gotten help, but I hesitated going because his practice does not take insurance.  I wish I had gone sooner.  I am grateful to have a diagnosis and treatment.  I am slowly coming to the realization that the treatment is not an overnight cure or a "take this and you'll feel better in a few days."  I am taking 3 different antibiotics 3 times a week and a different antibiotic on the weekends.   In addition to the antibiotics I also take some steroids to kick my adrenal gland back into gear, and other supplements to support and  strengthen my immune system. I can tell my drugs are working because I am even more tired than before!  Yesterday I got the kids off to school and promptly fell back into bed until noon.  I can't sustain physical activity for more than a few minutes without pain or feeling depeleted. I keep telling myself this is only temporary, and that  I am on the Road of Recovery instead of Discovery now. 

3.  William bought home his "nap matt" from Kindergarten. I cried.   It is beginning to hit me that my baby is growing up so fast.  In just a month he is reading like crazy, tying his shoes, learning to ride his bike without training wheels, and writing me notes.  He is still my snuggler though,  and I am going to savor that for as long as it lasts. 

4. I am also awed by the fact that Ryan is going to be in 7th Grade.  He's 12.  No way.  He has navigated Middle School so well this year that we have every confidence he will continue to excel.

5. Kayla cannot wait until the pool opens tomorrow.  She and William are signed up for Swim Team. Nick and I joke that Kayla's natural habitat is water.  I have a poster in my room titled "How to Really Love a Child."  One item says "If they are cranky, put them in water".  That sure works for Kayla. 

6. We have all been praying for Nick's father.  He had a cornea transplant in his left eye a couple of years ago.  Last week he fell and injured his left eye.  He had surgery to try to repair the transplant.  He went back to the Doctor on Wednesday and his eye is healing, but he does not have sight in it yet.  The Doctor does not know if sight will return.  The next step is to see a Cornea and Retina specialist to get their opinion.  My father-in-law has not let this injury dampen his spirits or slow him down. 

7. I am looking forward to the pool opening too, but I wish I was further along in my weight loss journey.  I lost 20 pounds, but then thanks to the steroid medication I haven't lost anymore weight.  I haven't gained back any weight, but I really had hoped to be skinnier before getting into a bathing suit.  I just learned water aerobics will be offered at our pool this summer.  Yipee!

Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend. Special thanks to all who serve and sacrifice to protect our freedoms!

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  1. love you!
    so glad you are being treated and looking forward to hearing that you have more good minutes, hours then days!
    love you MUCH!


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