Apr 25, 2013

5 Ways to Show Respect and Kindess by William

William was given us a difficult time in the mornings.  He would scream at me and complain about every little detail of his morning routine.   One morning when he was  rude and disrespectful to me I had him sit down and write out 5 ways he would show respect and kindess.  I wanted to perserve his list here.

It is difficult to read  but it says:

1. Next time just do what they say.
2. Try to answer in a nice way and do not yell
3. Don't say "That will make us late"
4. Do not yell or hit or scream
5. And show that you can do better.

Now when he starts to throw a fit I say, "Is that on your list?" and he will stop.  I used to lay his clothes out for him in the morning, but he'd yell at me if I didn't have everything just right, so now it is his responsibility to put his clothes out.  He didn't like me waking him up in the mornings, and so now he wakes up to an alarm clock.  I still get up at the same time as the children, but now I get hugs instead of screams.  Ryan shares a room with William and has taken on a leadership role in finding fun ways to keep William moving in the morning.  He challenges William to beat him in getting dressed first, and I hear him use positive reinforcement when William completes a task.  I don't know if William will ever be a "morning person", but our mornings are much more peaceful now.

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