Jul 7, 2014

The Cookie Monster

A couple of months ago I made chocolate cookies for an after school snack.   I made plenty so we'd have extras for dessert and lunch box treats the next day.   I added some Benefiber to the batter to make them more healthy.  Even though the Benefiber is tasteless I didn't tell the kids I put it in the batter.  I wanted to test if they would notice the difference.

After dinner I noticed that most of the cookies were gone.  When I asked who had eaten the cookies no one would admit to eating more than 2 cookies.  I started to laugh.  This was not the reaction my children were expecting.  I told them I would soon know who had eaten more than their fair share of cookies.  I explained that I had added extra fiber to the cookie batter, so the "cookie monster" would soon be needing to use the bathroom tonight.  An hour later Ryan came up and confided in me that he was the one that ate the cookies and I was right about needing to use the bathroom.  The case of the "Cookie Monster" solved. 

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