Aug 28, 2014

Summer Fun Part One

This Summer we spent a long weekend in Lexington, VA.  We stayed at a local hotel and toured the Natural Bridge and Museum, The Caverns, and the Natural Bridge Zoo.  We also made a side trip to Covington, Virginia so the kids could see where their Daddy grew up.  We had a great time, despite a flat tire in the rain on the way back to the hotel the first night we were there.  Thankfully AAA came to the rescue.  A Police Officer also stopped to check on us while our tire was getting changed.  The Officer used his flash light to search the inside of our car and kept shining it on the face of our kids and asked them how they were doing.   He then asked Nick for his Driver's License.  After checking things out and being reassured that all was fine he left.  The mechanic that was changing the tire thought it was strange that the Officer asked for Nick's license.  I figured it was just routine procedure, but then it occurred to me that our children don't really look like us, or each other. 

                                                        The View from our Hotel. 

                                                           The Natural Bridge

                                                                 Family Picture

                      William pretending to be a Surveyor like George Washington.

                                            Kayla and Nick. She loves her Daddy.

                              Kayla wasn't happy that her little brother cut into her Daddy time.

The Caverns.  This is the natural entrance to the Caverns.  I'm glad we didn't have to come in that way!

                                   Listening to the Guide and viewing some of the formations.

                                                   Monkeys at the Natural Bridge Zoo

  I was thrilled to feed one of my favorite animals.  I loved these giraffes.   They were Gentle Giants.

Kayla waited patiently and a canary came and perched on a stick with bird seed at the end.  There were several trying to do this in the Atrium, but Kayla was the only one I saw patient enough to be successful. She has such an affinity for animals.
William feeds the deer.  We loved this Zoo and how close you could get to the animals.

This Big Cat reminded us of our Big Kitty back at home.  He sits in our chairs the same way. 
This is the house Nick grew up in.  We enjoyed our "Daddy Historical Tour" in Covington, VA. 

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